Try Water Polo

It is no secret that physical movement improves mental focus, memory, and cognitive flexibility, critical to academic performance. In the recent issue of Pediatrics, research found that kids who took part in a regular physical activity program showed important enhancement of cognitive performance and brain function. The findings, according to University of Illinois professor Charles Hillman and colleagues, “demonstrate a causal effect of a physical program on executive control, and provide support for physical activity for improving childhood cognition and brain health.”

Water polo, while demanding, is a highly rewarding physical sport. The constant physical movement, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases stamina and core strength. During a game or a water based practice, athletes don’t touch the bottom or sides of the pool, so the body is continuously in motion. Athletes use all muscle groups to keep the body above water while facing their opponent. Players of this sport could burn as much as 700 calories per hour, and could swim the equivalent of 4 miles per game

The European Water Polo Club utilizes progressive and methodical programs that assist in development of physical strength, bio-mechanics and techniques of the athlete as well as their understanding of winning game tactics.  The highly experienced coaches provide step-by-step instructions that help build the skill level from the ground up. The Club strives to ensure that each and every member is trained in a safe, unique, friendly and athletic environment, and also enhances their physical abilities and skills while enjoying the game through building strong relationships with team-mates.

The European Water Polo Club is a registered Member Club of The USA Water Polo, which, with nearly 40,000 members, is the sanctioning authority for more than 500 Member Clubs and more than 400 tournaments conducted nationwide each year.

If you are new to the sport of water polo, and would like to try out the sport, you may use the USA Water Polo Trial Membership. This is a one-time, 14-day membership for the first – time athletes only, that will activate the day the application is signed. If you plan to use this membership, be sure to date the application with the date of the first day of the session, make a copy to submit with the Winter 2017 Registration with The European Water Polo Club, and fax the original to USA Water Polo.

If you like the program and will plan to stay and complete with The European Water Polo Club, you will need to register in advance for a proper membership with The USA Water Polo before the end of your trial period.

For more information, please see General Guidelines & Policies and visit USA Water Polo or simply contact us.