Winter 2017 Registration

2016-2017 Winter Program Info/Registration

Winter 2016-2017 Info
Winter Session offerings:
The winter session will offer all age groups in water polo in addition to our swim clinic.
– 10u practices at Harker on Saturdays during the winter
– 12u and 14u will have coed practices at Harker M/W/Sat
– HS boys (16u,18u) can practice 2x, 3x, or 4x/ week with up to 2 practices at Harker (Express North) or 4 at LGHS (Express South)
– HS girls will have practice 3x/week at Harker.
– Swim clinic – like swim team, but no meets
note: On 1/30, the HS swim season starts. That is when we will start the spring session for 10/12/14u. We will have a special WinterFest practice extension for HS players, so they can stay sharp before WinterFest on 2/17.

See the table below for details

To sign-up for the winter season please follow these three steps:

1.  Become a current member of USA Water Polo. This is a requirement for each athlete because
membership provides insurance for the club. You will not be allowed to practice without registration.

Go to

    – On the USA Water Polo site, JO players MUST

       1. Register as a “Gold Athlete.” (Renew after Dec. 1, and your membership will be valid for all of 2017.)
       2. Go through the “age verification” process if you haven’t done it already, this make take up to 7 days, so please do ASAP
       3. Upload a recent picture (within the last year)

    – Join under San Jose Express Club ID: 25911 .

2.  Register for your program age group using this form:
    – San Jose Express Winter Registration – All Age Groups – Water Polo and Swim Clinic

3.  Register by Nov 6 (prices go up by $25 after 11/6):

    – Mail payment to (checks payable to “San Jose Express”)

San Jose Express
P.O. Box 7595
San Jose, CA 95150

    – OR PAYPAL option (see individual programs below, please note that there is an additional 3% fee through paypal)
    – Please see the refund policy below (FAQ #10)

4.  Important Dates
11/16 No outside activities at Harker
14u coed/16u boys/18u boys: Here is the Winter Gauntlet Schedule (Winter League)
10u coed: Dare to Dream Festival (1/14-17/17)
All age groups and genders: Winterfest in SoCal 2/17-2/20
Other tournaments: TBD
Breaks: 11/21-27; 12/19-1/2

5.  Once you have looked over the table below see the FAQs at the bottom

6.  Notes:
Harker BKN – 4300 Bucknall Ave, San Jose
Harker STG – 500 Saratoga Ave, San Jose
LGHS – 20 High School Ct, Los Gatos

Program Descriptions
News, calendar changes, and info for players/parent

Schedule from 11/7 – 11/20
Schedule from 11/28 – 1/29 


All HS boys

Open pool (scrimmaging) at Harker STG 
Tue. 11/8: 5-6:45
Thu. 11/10 5-6:45
Tue. 11/15 5-6:45
​Thu. 11/17 5-6:45

Open pool (scrimmaging) at LGHS 
Mon. 11/14 3-4:45p LGHS
Wed. 11/16 3-4:45p LGHS

Express HS Boys South
Mon 3-4:45p LGHS
3-4:45p LGHS

Express HS Boys North
Tue 4:45-6:30p Harker-STG
Thu 4:45-6:30p Harker-STG

Express All
Fri 3:45-5:30p LGHS
Sun  11a-1p LGHS

HS Boys 2x: $375 + 3%Paypal
HS Boys 3x: $500 + 3%Paypal
HS Boys 4x: $600 ​+ 3%Paypal

Fall 2016 Water Polo

All HS Girls
Open pool (scrimmaging) at Harker STG 
Tue. 11/8: 5-6:45
Thu. 11/10 5-6:45
Tue. 11/15 5-6:45
​Thu. 11/17 5-6:45

Tue 4:45-6:30p Harker-STG
Thu 4:45-6:30p Harker-STG
Fri 4:15-6:00 Harker STG
HS Girls: $385 + 3%Paypal 

Fall 2016 Water Polo

Athletes who are between 11-14 by August 1, 2017
Fall season ends 11/9.
No water polo practice until 11/28.  See swim clinic
Mon 5:45-7:15p Harker – STG
5:45-7:15 p Harker – STG
Sat 10:30-12:30 
Harker – STG
12u/14u: $475 ​+ 3%Paypal

Fall 2016 Water Polo

Player who are 10 and under by August 1, 2016
Fall season ends 11/9.
No water polo practice until 12/3. See swim clinic
@Harker STG
12/3 at Bucknall or LGHS 9:00-10:30
12/10, 1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28 at Harker STG 9:00-10:30
10u: $180​ + 3%Paypal

Fall 2016 Water Polo

All Ages
Begins 11/7
​M-F 4:45-5:45p
M-F 5:45-6:45p
@Harker STG
M-F 4:45-5:45p
M-F 5:45-6:45p
@Harker STG
Swim Clinic 2x/wk:  $350
Swim Clinic 3x+/wk: $495

Fall 2016 Water Polo

 Private lessons in swimming and water polo.   
Year-round, by appointment


1. Tournaments
We will attend several tournaments and scrimmages in addition to the Bay Area Winter Gauntlet (BAWG). These will include:
– Occasional scrimmages in the Bay Area
– Single day tournaments on the weekends in either Santa Cruz or at West Valley

2. How will you select teams?
The BAWG players in 18u and 16u will be taken primarily from the 4x and 3x players and according to availability.

3. I’m a HS boy, and I’m confused by the schedule, number of teams, all of it. What’s going on?
We are trying to accommodate the busy lives of our players, so they can choose how many times a week. We are also trying to accommodate location as the traffic in the Bay Area stinks. We like you will have to choose the days and locations and stick to it, so we can balance the coaches. On Fridays and Sundays, all HS boys will practice together. If you are 3x, the preferred choice of day will be Sunday due to pool space at LGHS.

6. What should I expect for playing time?
This is a very important expectation to set. At the 14/16/18 age, we are trying to dial in what might be a JO team. We will enter as many teams into tournaments as we can, so players can get playing time in games.

9. What is Swim Clinic?
Swim clinic is like a swim team, but no meets. Technique is the focus of our coaches in swim clinic.

10. What if I don’t like it or get injured, can I get a refund?
Before the start of week 2, we will return your money save a $50 processing fee
Before the start of week 3, we will refund 50% of your dues and all of JO money
Before the start of week 4, we will refund 25% of your dues and 1/2 of the JO money
After the start of week, no refunds