Registration for the winter 2016-2017 Season is now open! Welcome New Members!

European Water Polo Club’s mission is to support and enhance personal and physical development of youth through providing unique and masterful water polo coaching, using the state of the art aquatic facilities of Los Gatos High School.


FRIENDSHIP –  The Game of Water Polo provides a unifying spirit that leads to lifelong friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty removing many differences we experience today.
DISCIPLINE – Discipline is an integral part of the Game of Water Polo, both in and out of the pool. It is reflected through adherence to the scheduled sessions, rules of the game and regulations at the championships that intertwine with respect for team-mates, opponents, officials and those involved in the Game of Water Polo.
PASSION – Water Polo is a game of passion and enthusiasm, it creates excitement, emotional power, love for the sport, friends, coaches, family and a sense of being a part of the global Water Polo family. Get inspired to be Faster, Higher, Stronger!

The European Water Polo Club was founded to promote and train in the way of European style of Water Polo. While others focus and spend their time on shooting and scrimmaging, our club aims at improving the overall mechanics and techniques of the athlete. This includes improving their core strength, power and body positioning and the skills required to outplay the opponent.

At The European Water Polo Club, we realize the importance of quality training. Our highly experienced coaches provides step-by-step instructions that help build the skill level from the ground up. Regardless of the current level of the player, our course structure has been designed to up the game of the athlete. Apart from our regular course structure, The European Water Polo Club specializes in providing specific training courses focusing on enhancing the skills required for a particular position.

The European Water Polo Club offers the very best in European Water Polo training. We strive to ensure that when you enroll for our Water Polo club you get a unique, friendly and athletic environment to enhance your abilities and skills.

The European Water Polo Club is a registered member of USA Water Polo: Club #1680. Prior to registering with The European Water Polo Club, each athlete must register and become a member of The USA Water Polo.